Our Most Frequently Asked Question, Answered

I want to address a question I’ve been getting pretty frequently.

“Is The Laptop Project a Jewish charity?”

That really depends how you define it. Are all of our board members Jewish? Yes (our Brand Manager isn’t, though). Are the majority of our volunteers (people who assist in finding machines, serve as drop off points)? It happens that they are. Will our 501(c) filing be in the memory of Sarala Ginzberg , a young Jewish woman who passed away last year? Yup. Is one of the driving philosophies the Jewish philosophical concept of “Tikun Olam” (Perfecting the world)? Absolutely.

But are we a charity that just serves the Jewish community? Not even a little. Our goal is to take unused equipment and put it in the hands of those who need them. There is no test for what religion someone is or if they are even religious at all. We have given and will continue to give to all people.

Thank you.

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